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Unique Wedding Venues in Savannah, GA

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With lots of Southern charm set among magnolias and live oaks, Savannah has wedding venues of the utmost romantic kind. Historic parks, buildings, and antebellum mansions are picturesque and perfect for your day. You’ll find plenty of Southern hospitality for help in planning your wedding and events as well at these unique Savannah wedding venues.


Why Negril, Jamaica is the Perfect Wedding Destination

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The resort town of Negril in western Jamaica is renowned for its clear, turquoise waters, the sugary white sands of Seven-Mile Beach and is an idyllic place for a wedding. Only a one hour drive from Montego Bay airport, this beautiful part of the island has a lagoon surrounded by coral reefs that are ideal for snorkelers or SCUBA divers. Perched on a 35-foot cliff is a great restaurant and bar where the adventurous go to dive into the Caribbean Sea or take in stunning sunsets that are out of this world. Here are the top picks for where to have your wedding in Negril, Jamaica!


The Best Wedding Venues near Florence, SC

Florence, South Carolina’s Top Wedding Venues

Florence, South Carolina’s gorgeous sights, beautiful landscapes, kind locals, and noteworthy culture coordinate to make it a perfect location for loving couples to get married. As a result of this desirability and impressive overall quality, more wedding venues than ever before are operating out of Florence, and choosing one of these venues can be difficult, given that they’re all so incredible!

To help brides, grooms, and their guests enjoy the best possible weddings, let’s take a look at some of the top wedding venues near Florence, South Carolina!


Tips For Planning A Wedding in Northern California

If planning a wedding in Northern California sounds like a great idea, you aren’t the only one who thinks so! Northern California longs to express beautiful warm and cold weather wedding impressions just for you. Hang on to your veils and get-to-know some very chic venues, photographers and wedding-related suggestions Northern California has to offer.


Reasons to Plan a Fall Elopement to Maryland’s Eastern Shore

Autumn is a time to admire falling leaves, relax in cool weather, sip cider with friends, and partake in some of the year’s most exciting holidays. Furthermore, because the fall season has so much to offer, more couples than ever before are deciding to get eloped against the breathtaking backdrop of yellow-, red-, and brown-leaved trees.

Specifically, Maryland’s Eastern Shore, a nine-county region that’s packed to the brim with gorgeous sights, is a hot destination for elopers to make their unions official. Eastern Shore is said by many locals and previous visitors to be most beautiful during fall, hence the uptick in marriages there during the season.

To help anyone thinking of eloping to do so in the most memorable and aesthetically pleasing possible fashion, let’s take a look at some reasons to plan an elopement in Eastern Shore during fall!


Proposal Ideas in Chatham, Massachusetts


You have found “the one”! They radiate the essence of everything you have ever dreamed of in a life partner. You are ready to take the plunge and ask for their hand in marriage. As you twirl the engagement ring around in your hand, visions of the beautiful future that awaits you play out in your mind. Suddenly, a huge dilemma crosses over you; How will you propose?

While there are many ways you can choose to propose in Chatham, Massachusetts, none are as romantically perfect as the three best proposal ideas listed below:


Spending Your Honeymoon in Central Ohio

Why have destination weddings and honeymoons become so common? It seems everywhere you look on social media, you’ll see pictures from Florida, California, or some remote desert island. Why? Most of the United States lives in the middle of the nation. If a couple lives in the heartland, why should they celebrate their joy with strangers around the world instead of sharing their joy with the area they call home? Central Ohio is an absolute hidden gem, ready for newlywed bliss.

Planning a Country Wedding in Vermont

Vermont is a stunning New England state that’s known for significant natural charm. People flock to the Green Mountain state to explore its breathtaking foliage. People who like lush scenery often can’t resist Vermont’s plentiful sights. Vermont isn’t just a great place for people who like to soak up nature, though. That’s because it’s also a wonderful place for people who are looking to tie the knot. If you want to get married in a quaint, serene, peaceful and rural location, there aren’t many states that can rival Vermont. Vermont is home to countless idyllic country weddings on a yearly basis.


Should You Have an Indoor or Outdoor Maine Coast Wedding?

You have a wedding on the horizon and are trying to decide whether this affair should take place either indoors or out. The festivities are scheduled to take place on the Maine coast, and there are several factors to take into consideration before making a final decision. Your ultimate choice will depend mainly on who’s coming to your wedding, your style and budget. You may want to find a plan B too just in case the Maine weather gets the best of you. Here are some things to consider when looking to choose indoor or outdoor venues for your Maine Coast wedding.


How to Plan a Rustic Wedding in Cody, WY

For various reasons, rustic weddings have increased in popularity over the past few years. The amount of money it takes to pay for expensive apparel, hire a professional caterer, rent a hall and invest in all the other items necessary for a traditional wedding may ultimately place the event out of financial reach for the bride and groom. However, outdoor lovers and couples who enjoy a down-to-earth atmosphere may decide to have a rustic wedding in Cody, Wyoming. Below are some tips on how to ensure a successful ceremony.