Maine weddings can be the picture perfect scene out of a Nicholas Sparks novel. With all sorts of opportunities for nautical accents, sailor themes, and anchors away, getting married in Maine couldn’t be more playfully fun. From drinks to centerpieces, the ceremony and reception have all the excuses in the world to burst with coastal elements.

Boat-Style Drink Cooler

This adorable boat-shaped cooler is the perfect way to display drinks in style. With plenty of room for wine bottles, liquor, and beer, guests will stay content and won’t mind imagining the time and effort that went into building such a sharp vessel. Painted white for a little extra class, this cooler doesn’t disappoint.

Anchor-Themed Invitations

A classic symbol of the sea, anchors combine qualities of strength and beauty, much like a marriage. Utilizing this image on invitations is your guests’ first opportunity to make predictions about your nautical theme.

Lobster Trap Place Card Display

Painted wine corks are attached to place cards and pinned to this rustic lobster trap. It’s truly a signature piece for a Maine wedding. Let guests admire your handiwork while they locate their names and choose a seat next to loved ones at your memorable seaworthy celebration.

Rope Accents on Bouquets

Utilizing textiles like rope to bind flowers together juxtaposes practical with dainty. The combination is stunning and won’t be missed by guests of any sort. Adding a little theme to traditional wedding pieces is the perfect way to integrate your theme into all aspects of your wedding.

Centerpieces: Candles in Fish Bowls with Sand and Seashells

Bringing sand and seashells into your venue provides the perfect beachy accent to an otherwise glamorous evening. Breezy and carefree, guests will be able to gaze among flames flickering in natural elements of calm.

Sailor-Striped Mason Jars

These painted beauties are the perfect excuse to roll up your sleeves before the wedding and get your DIY on. Painted, stripy mason jars are the perfect place for flowers or twinkle lights on your special day.

A Maine wedding deserves all the attention and nautical glam that it can get. These touches of seaworthy charm are the perfect accents to add to your space on your special day. All of your efforts will not go unnoticed; guests will appreciate the care and dedication you so clearly poured into the celebration.