For various reasons, rustic weddings have increased in popularity over the past few years. The amount of money it takes to pay for expensive apparel, hire a professional caterer, rent a hall and invest in all the other items necessary for a traditional wedding may ultimately place the event out of financial reach for the bride and groom. However, outdoor lovers and couples who enjoy a down-to-earth atmosphere may decide to have a rustic wedding in Cody, Wyoming. Below are some tips on how to ensure a successful ceremony.

Choosing a Color ThemeĀ 
Choosing a complementary color palette is essential when planning a rustic wedding. The colors selected should be neutral hues that blend well with the rustic theme. Various shades of champagne, pine, rust, and taupe are ideal for this type of wedding venue, as they lend themselves well to the colors of nature.

Selecting Attire
There are many types of apparel from which to choose when planning a rustic wedding. For example, vintage style outfits with braid work and lace always blend well with the rustic theme. A western touch is also something the couple should consider. Bridesmaids and groomsmen can choose cowboy-type apparel and shun traditional dress shoes in lieu of sandals or boots. Hair vines and straw hats for the bride and her bridesmaids are terrific options as well, as they bring the rustic theme to life.

Finding the Perfect Location
Outdoor tents, barns, and cabins all make ideal rustic wedding venues in Cody, WY. If the couple plans to spend their honeymoon at a dude ranch or cabin, they may be able to schedule the ceremony on the grounds. If the wedding is planned for the summer, a country meadow or farm is an excellent setting. Guests may be seated on bales of hay or wooden fences, and an empty barn can be converted to a reception hall.

Planning the Reception
A simple potluck dinner or barbecue can be served on wooden tables, or homemade meals can be ordered from a caterer who is familiar with the rustic wedding theme. An old-fashioned wooden barrel with a tap is the perfect item from which to serve beverages. The happy couple may even choose to ride away in a horse-drawn wagon as a fun and memorable way to end the event.

Regardless of the specific options chosen, a rustic wedding in Cody, WY is an unforgettable way for a couple to begin their marriage.