Vermont is a stunning New England state that’s known for significant natural charm. People flock to the Green Mountain state to explore its breathtaking foliage. People who like lush scenery often can’t resist Vermont’s plentiful sights. Vermont isn’t just a great place for people who like to soak up nature, though. That’s because it’s also a wonderful place for people who are looking to tie the knot. If you want to get married in a quaint, serene, peaceful and rural location, there aren’t many states that can rival Vermont. Vermont is home to countless idyllic country weddings on a yearly basis.

Preparing for a country wedding in Vermont doesn’t have to be hard. People should begin the wedding planning process by searching for venues. If you want to select the ideal venue for your upcoming country wedding, you need to take various things into consideration. Luckily, you can set up tours with the vast majority of Vermont wedding venues. One great option is the Southern Vermont barn wedding venue at The Arlington Inn in Arlington, VT. This venue is located in the serene countryside and the inn features various packages for all wedding sizes. People who appreciate the tranquility and feeling like they’re a million miles away from the rest of the planet may want to get married at this venue.

Planning a wedding in lovely Vermont calls for a lot more than simply booking the right venue. People also have to take care of food arrangements in advance. There are many incredible catering companies that are based in the state. Catering businesses in Vermont can accommodate all kinds of food requests and preferences. If you want to delight the taste buds of vegetarian and vegan guests, there are catering firms in Vermont that can help you. There are catering companies that can accommodate your wish for All-American, French, Pan-Asian, Italian, Mexican and Southern homestyle cooking. If you want to serve your wedding guests mouthwatering French dishes, there are many Vermont businesses that can help you do so.

People also have to look for entertainment options for their weddings. There are many kinds of entertainers who work weddings in the state. People can opt for local bands that perform covers of widely known songs. They can opt for singers, DJs, and even stand-up comics. Vermont has everything for balanced and memorable weddings.

A country wedding is all about incorporating the beautiful scenery around you and rustic decor touches. Take our tips for planning your dream country wedding in Vermont.