Autumn is a time to admire falling leaves, relax in cool weather, sip cider with friends, and partake in some of the year’s most exciting holidays. Furthermore, because the fall season has so much to offer, more couples than ever before are deciding to get eloped against the breathtaking backdrop of yellow-, red-, and brown-leaved trees.

Specifically, Maryland’s Eastern Shore, a nine-county region that’s packed to the brim with gorgeous sights, is a hot destination for elopers to make their unions official. Eastern Shore is said by many locals and previous visitors to be most beautiful during fall, hence the uptick in marriages there during the season.

To help anyone thinking of eloping to do so in the most memorable and aesthetically pleasing possible fashion, let’s take a look at some reasons to plan an elopement in Eastern Shore during fall!

The Chesapeake City Historic District

There’s a lot of history in New England, and Maryland isn’t an exception. To be sure, perhaps the best example of Maryland’s storied past can be found in the form of the Chesapeake City Historic District in Eastern Shore.

Many of the homes, inns, and B&Bs in Chesapeake City’s Historic District were made hundreds of years ago, and thanks to the hard work of dedicated proprietors and historians, they still look like new. The city also boasts old-time hospitality and homeliness, as elopers will find when they explore the romantic possibilities of the described bed-and-breakfast establishments, as well as the many shops, restaurants, and activities that call the slice of paradise home.

For elopers seeking some respite from the hustle and bustle of life, it’s tough to do better than Eastern Shore’s Chesapeake City Historic District—especially during fall, when, according to locals, the city and the season enhance one another in countless ways.

Delicious Seafood

Because of its prominent location amongst many fish-supporting bodies of water, Eastern Shore offers a variety of seafood, from fish to shrimp and lobster to clams, as well as most everything in between. These delectable meals are caught fresh and cooked immediately, making it surprisingly easy for elopers to indulge in celebratory dishes.

A Fantastic Skyline

As soon as one sees a picture or video of Eastern Shore’s excellent skyline, this tip will make all the sense in the world. Especially at sunset, when the clouds are sparse and the sun’s rays are bouncing elegantly off the pristine blue water and the white sand, with the magic of autumn in the air, it’s hard to imagine being anywhere besides Eastern Shore.

Love in Chestertown!

Another quaint city in Eastern Maryland is Chestertown. This charming area offers the perfect romantic getaway for your elopement. It features brick sieawalks, unique restaurants, and elegant inns galore. Brampton Bed and Breakfast Inn even offers a perfect elopement package and can help with all your planning! After you say “I Do” you can even stay longer for your honeymoon!

This inherent beauty is particularly appealing to elopers. As this text makes clear, elopers should get started on the right foot by tying the knot in the heavenly setting that is Eastern Shore during fall.