You have a wedding on the horizon and are trying to decide whether this affair should take place either indoors or out. The festivities are scheduled to take place on the Maine coast, and there are several factors to take into consideration before making a final decision. Your ultimate choice will depend mainly on who’s coming to your wedding, your style and budget. You may want to find a plan B too just in case the Maine weather gets the best of you. Here are some things to consider when looking to choose indoor or outdoor venues for your Maine Coast wedding.

Age and Agility of Guests
Outdoor weddings can be fabulous, especially if your guest list consists of people who have no problem maneuvering an outdoor space that may not be accessible. But if your guests are mainly older, you may wish to stick to an indoor event that is wheelchair accessible and has minimal stairs. Disabled guests may also have difficulty maneuvering around in the great outdoors, especially if you have activities and events on the beach.

Indoor and Outdoor Venues Available
Before making this big decision, you may want to check out and determine which Maine Coast wedding venues are available within your time frame first. Visit indoor ballrooms, rustic indoor venues, outdoor locations, and beaches that will accommodate your crowd.

Every venue has its own costs, and it is important to research the pricingĀ differences between an indoor and outdoor event. An outdoor function may be very labor-intensive as all tables, chairs, buffets, bars, and kitchen areas must be set up from scratch. Other charges could include a clean-up fee, extra security, and transportation.

Weather Forecasts
In the fall and winter, outdoor events may not be a very good idea, but even spring and summer can have the potential for heavy rain and clouds. Stay on top of the weather forecast for your event way in advance and watch it very closely. If you do decide to go with an outdoor venue, it is very important to always have a backup plan in the case of bad weather.

Some great options that may combine the best of the indoors and outdoors could include having your reception under a large gazebo, rent a fantastic tent, or hold it at the end of a large covered wharf. Taking all of these factors into consideration will lead you to a decision that will please all your guests.