Why have destination weddings and honeymoons become so common? It seems everywhere you look on social media, you’ll see pictures from Florida, California, or some remote desert island. Why? Most of the United States lives in the middle of the nation. If a couple lives in the heartland, why should they celebrate their joy with strangers around the world instead of sharing their joy with the area they call home? Central Ohio is an absolute hidden gem, ready for newlywed bliss.

Wonderful, wonderful food

Central, Ohio is home to some of the most delicious food in the United States. Within the city of Columbus alone, one can be wined and dined into a state of bliss that few cities and locations can compete with. For example, The Refectory Restaurant and Bistro is a French restaurant located in Columbus which emphasizes precision in their food delivery. Stepping into the restaurant, one can forget they are so far inland in the continental United States and feel perhaps they are in France, or at least New York City. Lindey’s Restaurant and Bar is another incredible example of the food in Columbus. The food begs to be devoured and restaurant begs to be booked. If you like to eat, you’ll love coming to central Ohio.

Nightlife simplified

It’s a Friday night on your honeymoon and of course, you want to go out for a few drinks. This can prove problematic for a person needing to figure out transportation and where to go. Things are simpler in Central Ohio, with less congestion between buildings and an ability to breathe. The entire experience tends to take on a warmer and more heart-filled vibe, as you make your way to Oddfellows Liquor Bar, in Columbus, enjoying an emphasis on mixology. If music is your thing, Ace of Cups and the Big Room Bar have exactly what you’re looking for.

Central Ohio is your ideal honeymoon

Over-crowded, overheated, and over-done, far away beaches aren’t what they appear to be. They’re hot, they’re noisy and they provide the absolute worst value. You don’t need some incredible picture of a palm tree on your Instagram feed to celebrate your newfound marriage and joy. You’re ready to take the next step, so take it somewhere that already feels like home. Central Ohio is also home to some amazing and romantic bed and breakfasts, like the HideAway Country Inn. Experience a relaxing honeymoon in the countryside and treat yourself to romantic extras or a spa treatment to make your stay even more memorable.