Weddings can be extremely expensive when the couple-to-be opts for a huge guest list, pricey venue, and gourmet catering. However, it’s possible to have a budget-friendly wedding that is equally tasteful and memorable. Here are our tips on how to plan your wedding while keeping your wallet in mind.

Trim down your guest list.

While you surely want to show off tying the knot to your significant other to the world, remember that not everyone you know needs to be there on your special day. To keep costs down, stick to only inviting your closest family and friends. A smaller guest list means a more intimate wedding, less pressure, and reduced costs.

Go out of the box with your venue.

Instead of paying for both a ceremony and reception venue, consider having them in the same place. This way, you save traveling time and money from not having to rent and decorate two different places. You can also consider skipping a traditional venue altogether and have your wedding at your own home, your parent’s house, or an outdoor location with picturesque views. If you opt for the outdoor route, make sure you have a backup tent handy in case of bad weather.

Avoid serving expensive food and alcohol.

Hiring a caterer and having an open bar at your wedding might be considered the standard for some people, but you certainly don’t need to. You can save a lot of money by simply making the food yourself, asking a family member or friend, or a small, family-owned restaurant. This will keep costs low while ensuring that you end up with great food at your wedding. Instead of having an open bar, serve only wine and beer instead, or have only a short free cocktail hour.

Keep the flowers simple.

Your flowers won’t last long after the reception, so avoid┬áspending a ton of money on them. You won’t lose the elegant touch that flowers are meant to add as long as you choose something simple and elegant, such as a small bouquet of roses. You can even opt for tasteful fake flowers to cut costs. Without close inspection, your guests won’t notice.